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Time-Saving Tips

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Save Time During Your Move

Moving is a huge undertaking, no matter the distance of a move. Having to pack up your entire life, put it in a truck, and then unload again at a new location is no small feat. Here at Mr. Mover, we understand that your time is valuable and you need to make the most of it, particularly during a potentially stressful time like moving. It may not seem like it, but there are ways to streamline your move! Check out these tips & tricks to help make your move more efficient.

  1. If you are moving to or from an apartment, let the manager know when you are moving. If applicable, reserve the elevator. Reserve the place where the truck should park by parking your car there until the truck arrives.
  2. All boxes must have tops and be taped shut. Do not just fold the flaps. We recommend plastic tape instead of masking tape. Label your boxes as to which room they belong in the new location.
  3. The only items to remain in the drawers are articles of clothing. Pack all items in desks, sewing machine cabinets, and end tables. File cabinets can be moved with papers in the drawers.
  4. If possible, take lampshades and pictures in your car. If not they should be boxed.
  5. Have all electronic equipment disconnected from each other and packed.  Secure turntables.
  6. Have waterbeds drained. **PLEASE NOTE** Movers cannot and will not drain a waterbed.
  7. Try to arrange for children and pets to stay at a neighbor’s or relative’s house on moving day.
  8. Have appliances disconnected and all cords unplugged and wrapped. **PLEASE NOTE** Movers cannot and will not disconnect gas lines, water lines, or remove air conditioners from windows.
  9. Washer – Remove all hoses from washer and place inside washer drum.
  10. Dryer – Remove exhaust vent and place inside dryer. If applicable, have disconnected from dryer and end capped.
  11. Range – If applicable, have gas line disconnected from range and end capped.
  12. Refrigerator – Empty drip pan. Completely empty all racks and drawers. If applicable, have water line disconnected from automatic icemakers.
  13. Freezer – Empty drip pan. Completely empty and secure all racks and drawers.
  14. Window Air Conditioner – Remove unit from window.
  15. Televisions – All televisions must be unplugged and additional cords completely removed.*

*Mr. Mover does not insure Flat Screen TVs due to the extremely fragile nature of their new lightweight & thin construction.  Customers should pack their TV in original packaging, or acquire specialized TV boxes available locally and pack these TVs.  We will move TVs without their boxes, but again, do NOT insure them against damage.

If you are making use of wardrobe cartons, organize hanging clothes. Two feet of closet space should fill one wardrobe carton. You are responsible for the pack and unpack of the cartons.